Menegon Arredamenti

Dal 1991, arredamenti chiavi in mano e attrezzature per Gelaterie, Pasticcerie, Bar, Caffetterie, Pizzerie e Ristoranti.



and Services

Complete furnishings

Making ``turnkey`` furnishings means constantly supporting the customer, offering the best possible service. This is why we develop aesthetic solutions, even the most complex ones, guaranteeing craftsmanship attention to detail, organizational ability, flexibility, know-how, passion and constant commitment, so that each project is unique and tailored to the customer's needs.
We manage the entire implementation process: from operational layout studies, surveys, to 3D rendering development, to construction, assembly and testing, always guaranteeing professional and timely assistance.
Our team of professionals, made up of architects and designers with great knowledge and experience, offers the best functional solutions in such a way as to make the work ``behind the counter`` a pleasure, using the best construction materials worked by specialized craftsmen.
The construction of counters and back counters in stainless steel has always been one of our strengths in terms of quality, durability and customization.
Our consolidated experience allows us to always identify the best technical solutions for displaying our customers' products.
We research and select the best materials in order to give your customers the best experience in your premises.

Ice-cream shop equipment

Batch freezers, pasteurizers, blast chillers, refrigerated cabinets, ice cream cabinets. We help you choose and supply the essential machinery to set up your laboratory. With the same care we also take care of the smallest tools, such as whipping machines, immersion mixers, counter top planetaries and all the equipment that can be used to set up your laboratory. Over the years we have collaborated with the most important brands on the market and we can help you in choosing your new or used machines, with attention to efficiency and profitability.

Cafe/ bar equipment

We offer you our many years of experience to set up or modernize your bar. We offer all the novelties of the best brands to set up your cafe bar and ice cream shop.

Technical advice

Basic and advanced ice cream courses, pastry and operational consultancy. We help you develop your professionalism and improve the operational management of your establishment, making the best consultants in the sector available. We provide customized and tailored advice for your business.