Menegon Arredamenti

Dal 1991, arredamenti chiavi in mano e attrezzature per Gelaterie, Pasticcerie, Bar, Caffetterie, Pizzerie e Ristoranti.

What we offer

What we offer

we offer


We offer our customers many years of experience, and that allows us to capture their needs and turn them into a functional project. We start from the research on materials to identify and package the project in a unique and exclusive way. Our experts are able to interpret the customer's needs, in order to create a functional shop that respects the client's style.


The execution of the project is our commitment to customers: selecting the best materials on the market is only the first phase. With the help of our trusted artisans, we shape your ideas to offer professional solutions that guarantee durability and functionality. We have always been looking for the highest quality of steel, wood and leather processing, so as to create furnishings that with the right maintenance are destined to last over time.


The moment of assembly is one of the key phases of our work, so our collaborators are specialized and have a deep knowledge of your project. With experience, competence and flexibility we ensure the perfect installation of your furnishing.


Our customer service assists you throughout the life of your furnishing. We offer our customers continuous assistance so that we can operate in emergency situations, if extraordinary repair or replacement interventions are necessary.